A’Design Award 2020 for our CASTER Remote Control

Tech4home wins the A’Design Award 2020 for CASTER Remote Control

As a pioneer in the field of advanced and innovative remote-control solutions, we are excited to announce that we have been awarded with the A’Design Award for our CASTER Remote Control.

The CASTER Remote is the perfect mix of technology, usability, and design which is packed with features like

  • advanced voice control usability,
  • centered D-pad for better service experience,
  • t4h. backlit system when used in dimly lit room and many more!

The A’Design Award 2020 is one in a series of accolades we have received over the years. We are very proud as a team that high-profile design prizes like this acknowledge our efforts in delivering the industry-best usability and design. But our work doesn’t stop here: we will keep striving for the highest quality products with bleeding-edge technology and intuitive design.

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