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Innovation Lab

Driven by design and innovation

Tech4home is a highly innovative company that has been awarded on numerous occasions for its outstanding remote-control designs. 

Each year Tech4home assigns its innovation lab, and only the best resources, to the highly sought-after task of developing a unique and user-friendly technological solution for showcasing at the annual IBC exhibition.

The team will develop a concept that will consider form, function and experience. The most important part of the process involves multitudes of research, ranging from design trends to ergonomic improvements and sustainable resources options. 

The teams undergo a vigorous vetting process that ensures that they are confident in the findings, concept, protype and results. 

Tech4home uses every opportunity to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry. These opportunities cultivate a spirit of future-oriented thinking and as a result, Tech4home teams are never at a stand-still because within the innovation lab, the drive is innovation.

MODU Remote Control Concept 2019

Featuring integrated Set-Top Box and Qi charging functionality for smartphones.