NOTUS Custom Covers is a Finalist for the IF Design Award 2021

t4h. (Tech4home) is extremely proud to announce that the NOTUS custom covers designed by our team has made it to the finals of this year’s prestigious IF design awards. As an organization, we are overwhelmed to be recognized among the top pioneers of this industry.

To ensure great customer experience and tangible value addition of our IPTV and PayTV operators, our team is always looking for ways to use advanced technologies and coming up with immersive designs that can enhance the TV watching experience for customers across the world. And to have our work recognized by the top industry jurors is truly humbling for our team.

The NOTUS Custom Covers
A design marvel in its own right, the NOTUS custom covers are loved by customers and TV operators alike. With a patented t4h. smart swap along with fully customized design and the near-perfect swap system for delivering the personalized experience to end customers, this is a one of its kind product that is admired by industry professionals and customers in various parts of the world.

Not only this, the NOTUS Customer Cover also has a much higher ergonomic quotient than the industry counterparts as it comes with various options in terms of custom covers that range from environmental friendly materials like bamboo, textiles, and soft fabrics to premium metals and even market-oriented plastic.

The IF Design Award 2021
As we got selected by the IF Design Jury for the finalist spot, we came to understand their thorough procedure of awarding points to various products based on the designs and usability considerations.

Each juror in the IF Design Award panel assesses the contestants on the basis of five major factors including Idea, Form, Function, Differentiation, and Impact.

All the products were closely assessed by the jurors over a span of three days where they considered each and every factor before awarding scores to the products and then creating the list of finalists.

The average score awarded to the other contestants turned out to be 242. We are proud to share with you our spectacular score of 278. As an organization that values design-thinking and sustainable products, we would like to congratulate other finalists as well.

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