Reserve a Spot: t4h. @ ANGACOM 2022

It’s about time!
Europe’s premier business platform for Broadband, Television & Online — ANGA COM, is here again!

And come May 10-12, 2022, network operators, vendors and content providers will be heading to Cologne/Germany for the event. 

As a major player in the remote-control devices and TV technologies industry, the t4h. team will also be attending. We are glad to be back to in-person events and have the opportunity to share our RCU expertise and how we meet the ever-evolving needs of worldwide pay-TV providers and end customers.

We will be happy to meet and discuss our latest success stories and launches:

  • The Akan and Drava RCU family – winners of the Red Dot Design Award in 2022, combining the best of the modern technologies and future-proof bold designs
  • LIMA Remote Control – Our fully recyclable state-of-the-art remote control we launched in December 2021 as part of our “Green22 Initiative”, won the Muse Design Award 2022
  • Latest Android TV remote control line-up: The NOYO family is fully compliant with Google’s Android TV Operator Tier guideline. We guarantee the premium end-user experience with a sleek design and inbuilt google assistant (voice control)
  • RDK Voice Assistant pre-integration across our entire voice remote control product line to support RDK set-top boxes

Our industry is evolving at lightning speed. What was formerly considered fancy has now become old-school. This year’s ANGA COM is poised to enlighten on what’s shaping the future of our industry.

t4h. ‘s Commercial Director Graça Candido and Account Manager Andreia Duarte will be looking to connect with you at the event. 

“t4h. recognizes the importance of industry events like ANGA COM. We’re always excited to participate, and we invite everyone to come, connect, and collaborate.”

Commercial Director Graça Candido

So, book your slot.

Let’s meet up. 

And let’s discuss business and new opportunities together.

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