t4h. (Tech4home) wins the Red Dot Design Award for NOTUS Custom Covers

NOTUS Custom Covers is a fully customizable remote control system that prioritizes the needs of the end-user

S. João da Madeira, 08. October 2020: t4h. (Tech4home), a pioneer in the field of advanced and innovative remote control solutions for contemporary users, has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2020 for its NOTUS Custom Covers Remote Control Design. t4h. (Tech4home) has been honored with the award in this category for the fourth time in a row.

Red Dot Design Award is one of the many awards that t4h. (Tech4home) has received for its unique and technologically advanced designs for remote controls that it provides to the top Telcos, ISPs, STB vendors, IPTV, Cable TV, satellite TV and Pay TV providers worldwide. The NOTUS remote control unit comes with the main body and a cover that is interchangeable using the t4h. Smart Swap System which is an easy two-step swap system. 

We are honoured and pleased to accept this award for the fourth consecutive time. Such recognition acts as a motivation for all of us to work harder to meet the end-user’s needs with smart, stylish, and technologically & functionally advanced designs. We will continue our efforts in providing the best functional and distinctive design to our users.

Miguel Oliveira, Managing Director, t4h. (Tech4home)

This solution offers endless possibilities of customization with colour, material and finish of the remote control. The NOTUS Custom Covers RCU can be made with various materials starting from soft fabrics to premium metals and even market-oriented plastic. The remote control can also be customized with natural materials like bamboo, cork, bioplastic, and natural wood, making it an ever-evolving design marvel. 

With consumers getting tired of communicating with tech on tech’s terms, we have been looking for more organic feeling interaction. Customization and soft electronics that aim to give users a more personal feeling through the usage of cosy hues, organic materials, and a cohesive design language are the future.

The choices of personalization that come with this range, combined with contemporary aesthetics and minimalist finishing touches, have very well blended with the user’s needs. The embossed graphics that have been modified to fit this particular version of the NOTUS series of remote controls, ensure haptic user-feedback. The backlights that make the device usable in low-light conditions, intuitive voice control system with integrated virtual assistants, and a simple key layout enhance the remote control’s modern and stylish design.

With this remarkable innovation, t4h. (Tech4home) has taken the prospect of customization to an altogether new height. Besides adding significant value to the end-user in terms of features, they have also given limitless customization possibilities to all the Telcos, ISPs, STB vendors, IPTV, Cable TV, satellite TV and Pay TV providers in the market. There are immense possibilities for operators in the field of brand customization as well, whether it is with a brand promoting a local/national football team or kids-themed remote control unit. 

We are extremely proud of the team that is continuously striving to maintain a balance between superior, innovative design, the latest technology, and improved usability. We assure you that we will continue to introduce new products with outstanding design and enhanced technology innovation in the time to come with the idea of constant improvement adapting to the needs of contemporary customers. 

Graça Cândido, Commercial Director, t4h. (Tech4home)

Red Dot Design Award is just one of the many honours that have been conferred upon t4h. (Tech4home) for their innovative and intuitive designs. The company has also been awarded the German Design Award earlier this year. t4h. (Tech4home) is a name that has been successful in balancing the elements of technology, design, and functionality in their products. Their solutions are fully customizable and integrated with the latest technology including Wi-fi, Bluetooth low energy as well as infrared sensors. 

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