t4h’s ALVA RCU Wins the Red Dot Design Award 2021

t4h. (Tech4home), one of the leading remote control service providers globally has won the Red Dot Design Award 2021, for one of the company’s latest innovations, the ALVA RCU. This award comes for the fifth consecutive time as t4h. manages to dominate the market with its innovative designs yet again.

  • The ALVA is the RCU of choice of leading Spanish telco operator Euskaltel Group for its TV service.
  • t4h.’s ALVA RCU awarded with the Red Dot Design Award 2021
  • t4h. has received a Red Dot Design Award for the fifth time in a row.
  • The ALVA provides the user with an intuitive, sleek, and end-user-centric design.
  • It features Google Assistant and can be used with set-top boxes and television sets alike.

“It truly is a surreal moment for all of us here at t4h. to see one of our RCUs win the Red Dot Design Award this year again. This award gives us immense encouragement to keep providing our users with nothing but the best when it comes to remote control units.”

– Graça Candido, Co-founder & Commercial Director, t4h. (Tech4home)

Commenting on the innovative nature of the ALVA, the spokesperson of the Red Dot Design Award said, “The buttons of the ALVA remote control are set out clearly on the slim casing. Their different shapes and sizes make the remote control particularly easy to operate.”

t4h. is also proud that the ALVA is the RCU of choice of Euskaltel Group, one of Spain’s major telecommunications companies. The group has been operating its regional brands, Euskaltel in the Basque Country, R in Galicia and Telecable in Asturias, for over 25 years making them market leaders in fibre optic and convergent telecommunications services in their respective regions.

“To us, it is very important to offer not just a wide variety of TV content, but also an easy experience to access and navigate that content. We spent a lot of time choosing the remote control that best conveys that experience and we think the ALVA L1 has all the features we are looking for.”

– Koldo Unanue, Marketing Director, Euskaltel Group

The ALVA RCU embraces t4h’s zeal to give its end-users an immersive experience when they are using the remote control. This RCU comes equipped with “universal control” which essentially gives the user an advantage to control their television set and the operator’s set top box simultaneously. Being a creation of t4h’s internal design team and the Innovation Lab, the ALVA provides end-users with a slim, ergonomic body and a rubberised back ensuring a perfect grip. Along with the perfect body, the ALVA also has built-in metal weight to allow the right balance for the user.

The RCU has a minimalist design with the buttons being grouped by similar functionality. The main buttons are kept centrally located keeping for an enhanced ease of use and optimized the end-user experience. Along with the modern design, the RCU comes with an in-built metal dome to provide instant feedback with an enhanced clicking experience. The ALVA also features Google Assistant with a dedicated button for a superior end-user experience making it a perfect companion for the user’s living room.

“Looking at the success the ALVA has received has made all the time and effort that went into conceptualizing it and making it a reality totally worth it. Winning the Red Dot Design Award reiterates t4h’s belief in giving the end-user a flawless experience in the performance of the RCU. We look forward to creating better designs in the future and giving our users an even better experience.”

– João Santos, Chief Design Officer, t4h. (Tech4home)

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