Celebrating Excellence: KOTTO and AVE Remote Controls Recognized with IF Design Award 2024

t4h. (Tech4home), a leading provider of innovative remote control solutions, is proud to announce that their remote controls have once again been honored with the prestigious IF Design Award for 2024. This recognition reinforces t4h.’s commitment to excellence in design and innovation.

The award-winners this year are the KOTTO remote control and the AVE series. The  KOTTO remote control stands out for its blend of sustainability and boldness, featuring a distinctive capsule silhouette and spacious buttons. Its metallic finish and dynamic volume control add to its sleek design while integrating a cutting-edge OneCell from Epishine ensures efficient energy harvesting. 

The AVE series of remote controls share a common design language catering to diverse user profiles. These remote controls feature intuitive button layouts, slender profiles, and distinctively raised D-pad areas. The CONTEXTUAL AVE and SHORTCUTS AVE offer innovative customization solutions, including smart backlighting and an e-paper touchscreen. Meanwhile, the ECO AVE prioritizes sustainability by eliminating rubber, inks, and coatings, while the SOLAR AVE integrates a Powerfoyle solar cell for energy harvesting from indoor and outdoor light sources.

We are honored to receive the IF Design Award for our remote controls once again. This recognition underscores our ongoing commitment to delivering innovative, sustainable, and user-centric solutions to our customers worldwide.

Graça Candido, Co-Founder and Commercial Director, t4h.

Winning the IF Design Award for our KOTTO and AVE series is a moment of immense pride for our design team. It validates our relentless pursuit of combining aesthetics with functionality, ensuring that every remote not only looks exceptional but feels intuitive to the user. Our design philosophy revolves around creating products that are not just tools but extensions of the user’s lifestyle, and this recognition motivates us to continue innovating for the future.

Tiago C. & Tiago S. – Industrial Designers at t4h.

The IF Design Award is one of the most prestigious design competitions globally, recognizing outstanding design achievements across various industries. Winning this award in a few consecutive years reaffirms t4h.’s position as a leader in remote control design and innovation.

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