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Remote Controls

At Tech4home we design, develop and deliver intuitive and innovative integrated wireless remote control solutions for home environment with outstanding design. Learn more about our current Remote Control lineup.

Where user centric design meets technology

With more than 19 years experience in Remote Control Business, we provide fantastic user experience within home environment by simplifying the user interface control.

With our highly efficient engineering we are able to provide a wide variety of technological solutions and we are still striving to achieve more.

With innovative technologies like Display Assisted Setup, OTA firmware upgradability and smart authentication we help our clients to stand out from the crowd and deliver the best experience to their customers.

Interaction & sensors

The main goal for every product is to deliver the end customer the best way possible to interact with their devices. Technologies like voice, touch, motion detection and many more enable the user to get the best experience while using our devices.


By using the latest technologies in Energy we drive innovation and find the best solution for our client’s project. From Alkaline batteries to wireless charging – we make it happen.

Communication and Protocols

In an ever evolving market of protocols we aim to support the best standards out there. For the best compatibility and energy efficiency we support everything from Infrared to Radio Frequency and Wi-Fi Direct.

Remote Control Families for every use case

Constant innovation lies in the heart of Tech4home. With our range of award winning Remote Control families we offer a great starting point for your project. Our highly flexible teams will adapt to your projects needs and help you get the best value for money.