KIDS Remote Controls

The KIDS Family consists of a set of remote controls that are specifically developed for the younger target audiences. They are designed to be easy to use while offering the best experience for children. An ergonomic shape and the use of bright colours are appealing and are a perfect addition to every kid’s room.

The main goal with this specific type of remote controls was safety. Taking into account the vast amount of TV channels, kids should not have uncontrolled access to all content. The optimised key layout of the kids remote only allow access to predefined shortcuts. The battery lid includes a security screw to avoid easy access to the battery. The keys are re-programmable to fit the customer’s individual needs.

t4h. Technology Options

Below you will find an excerpt of available technology options that can be integrated into the final product:

  • Bluetooth® Low Energy
  • Infrared

Design features

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    Soft touch
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    Shortcut to specific channels & Parent Control
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    Ergonomic Shape
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    Security Screw on the back lid