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CASTER Remote Control

The Caster Remote Control was picked by the renowned Red Dot Design Award Jury in 2019. The Red Dot Award: Product Design, whose origins date back to 1955, appraises the best products created every year. In 48 categories, manufacturers and designers can enter their innovations in the competition.

The remote control for advanced voice control usability

The Caster Remote Control is the latest addition to our family of remote controls. Developed for Movistar, a strikingly placed voice control button activates Aura, Movistar’s virtual assistant. A centrally arranged D-pad area makes navigating through the user interface easier.

On the reverse side of the remote control, a soft coating provides additional comfort and a good grip, which enables particularly secure handling. The most frequently used buttons on the remote control light up when the device is picked up in a dimly lit room.

t4h. Technology Options

Below you will find an excerpt of available technology options that can be integrated into the final product:

  • Bluetooth® Low Energy
  • Infrared
  • Voice Command

Design features

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    Centrally arranged D-pad area
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    Integrat­ed voice command function
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    Motion sensor let’s buttons light up when remote is picked up
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    Soft coating on the backside