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About t4h.

Experience, passion and vision

Tech4home pushes the limits of creative intuition, design, innovation, and integration. Having spent 20 years developing and delivering refined and customized integrated wireless remote-control solutions, Tech4home is a major player in the remote-control devices and technologies industry.

With cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art user experience, Tech4home provides products and solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of worldwide IPTV, cable and satellite pay-TV providers.

Tech4home applies the Philosophy of Partnership throughout its processes, providing tailor-made solutions from draft to delivery.

Partnership with our valued client’s guarantees cutting-edge, technologically advanced solutions that delight clients in every aspect. From time-to-market, pricing and specifications, Tech4home aims to work with you, and for you.

Our Mission

Value for money

Tech4home is a major player in the remote-control sector. With 20 years in the business of researching, designing and developing a wide array of devices across the globe for the biggest brands in electronics, home automation and pay-Tv, it is our aim to continually assess opportunities to enhance our products and actively involve our clients to achieve value for money.


Our team has in-depth knowledge in the engineering, designing and aesthetic space. We stay on top of the latest design trends and make sure to integrate them seamlessly into our products, your home and your business.

Customized, quality products

We strive to continue providing the customized technological solutions and quality products that you have grown to know, trust and hold to a high standard. As home integration specialists with business acumen, we know exactly what you expect, and we make it our mission to deliver.


Tech4home is spearheaded by a strong management team commanding extensive industry experience. The core team is made up of dynamic individuals who are passionate, dedicated and instrumental in developing competitive strategy, cutting-edge concepts and the latest designs that Tech4home is reputably known for.







Hours of Concept


Design at its best

From the first ideas of providing a new interaction concept, user interface or product, Tech4home supports their Customers with their experience, in designing and developing solutions that integrate technology in an ambient way.

Experienced and skilled designers are eager to provide an integrally original solution. We offer complete design solutions from the specification level to a full working tested prototype with a complete BOM (Bill Of Materials) and production file for mass production

Research & Development

Tech4home provides high level experienced development services of: Software, Electrical (hardware and layout) and Mechanical. Tech4home is present regionally and applies a partnership philosophy, working step-by-step to develop wireless input devices tailored to the customer’s exact needs.

Continuous customer involvement and dedicated project management are key elements of Tech4home’s development cycle. At every stage – from conception through creation to mass production – clear milestones are defined involving our customers. A dedicated multi disciplinary team transform the concept into a functional product within the agreed timing, budget and specified quality levels.


The advanced technology capabilities give us a privileged position in the electronic integrated solutions market. Tech4home is able to offer a full turnkey solution to its Customers. From only prototyping to full mass-production, Customer needs set the process. Tech4home’s turnkey solutions offer cost-effectiveness, flexibility and high performance in the whole process. Tech4home provides excellent manufacturing capabilities. Our highly skilled and permanent work force is dedicated to meet your deadline.

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