Step by step, one remote at a time, t4h. is moving towards better and more sustainable future

With the t4h. Symbiosis Programme we are breaking new ground by focusing on sustainable innovations and high-end RCUs with high-tech designs while being mindful of our footprint.

t4h. is taking the sustainability one stride ahead, building on the foundation we already have from previous years with our Green 22 Initiative and the Innovation Lab.

We can already see how innovation is pioneering sustainability ahead. In the meantime, the need for eco-friendly products allows new technologies to be tapped. This symbiotic relationship between sustainability and innovation is how we visualise the future of RCUs and the future of t4h.

Our commitment

Stay curious and adopt new sustainable strategies

Keep our research for alternative eco-friendly materials

Utilise recycled plastic materials for our exciting new RCUs

Avoid the use of any harmful chemicals

Extend the battery life with cutting-edge power management solutions

Continue working for reducing CO2 emissions and electronic waste

Sustainability takes the stage
Turning our agenda into real action

We Identify, Test and Evaluate sustainable solutions. No detail is left behind in our path to a better future.

We rely on the Reduce, Reuse & Recycle rationale, utilizing the latest disruptive technologies and sustainable materials.

Leading the sustainable way with 100% recyclable RCU

t4h. is reaching new sustainability heights with the Woodly Project, thanks to highly innovative, fully recyclable bio-composite with wood fibres, obtained from sustainable forestry.

Sustainable impact

The t4h. Symbiosis programme and its predecessors helped us shape the future of t4h.,how we approach sustainability and how we develop new remote controls.

We see the strive for sustainability wherever we go – from governments, to private companies, operators and end-users. The Symbiosis Programme is enabling our partners meet their sustainability goals without compromising on the technology and innovations, and delivering the ultimate user experience.

New eco-friendly materials

We are minimising our Carbon footprint by using recycled plastics, allowing us to reduce the CO2 emissions with 75% while retaining the same properties of the plastic.

But we didn’t stop here… Looking for alternative materials we found an amazing bio-based compound and a way for 50% CO2 emission reduction and we have unlimited opportunities for design experimentation.

the power of the Sun

We are eliminating the need of disposable batteries by transforming not only outdoor light, but recycling energy by charging the next generation t4h. remote controls with indoor light.

But how can we reduce the amount of batteries going to the landfills? t4h. found the solution by utilising low power state of the art SoC easily combined with energy harvesting solutions for next level sustainability.

Sustainable Packaging

We are improving not only our remotes, but also their packaging. t4h. is eliminating single use plastics and developing new fully recyclable paper packaging for the RCUs and their batteries, that will replace the traditional PE plastic bags.

Sometimes the small elements have a big impact – like the pull-out tab for the batteries of the remote control. The simple move to allowing the RCU to be turned off with the batteries in, eliminates the use of plastic for this element.

Green Innovations

Our customers fully support our efforts to protect the environment and to work with ecologically-friendly packaging materials. It’s their valuable input that allows us to validate the different solutions and find the best one to suit our and their business needs.

Miguel Oliveira,
CEO, Tech4home