Voice Remote Controls
At A Touch Of Your Fingertips

Pressing the microphone button on your remote control gives you instant access to control the user interface in real time using voice commands. You can use them to quickly change channels or to search for specific programs or OTT services. In addition, you may also access a variety of apps.

Voice search for a wide variety of standards

We support a wide range of standards to be compatible with as many devices as possible.

Energy efficient

Optionally equipped with the latest Bluetooth® Low Energy standard, our remotes offer state of the art functionalities while being energy efficient.

Easy integration & Broad Product Range

Tech4home offers a broad range of remote controls that can easily be integrated into your STB and middleware products and also support 3rd party apps.

“Tech4home shares our vision that the future of TV will be about deploying simplified, integrated user experiences, and the remote is at the center of that experience. With Tech4home’s voice remote solutions on RDK set-top boxes, voice commands can instantly control the user interface in real-time to change channels or access a wide variety of premium OTT services as well as niche content and localized apps through the Metrological TV Application Platform.”

Jeroen Ghijsen
CEO, Metrological