Digital TV Europe Q&A: Delivering sustainable technology for pay TV

Graça Candido, co-founder and commercial director, Tech4home, talks with Digital TV Europe about how pay TV devices can be deployed sustainably.

What were you excited to showcase this year at IBC2023?

Graça Candido: We see sustainability as a guiding principle that touches every aspect of t4h. We recognise that more and more people are embracing sustainability as a way of life in their homes and personal routines, and we firmly believe that remote controls and pay TV devices should reflect these values. Our presence at IBC2023 was about shaping a brighter future for our current generation, our children, and those yet to come.

Sustainability for us isn’t just a trendy buzzword; it’s a philosophy that demands tangible action, substantial transformation, and a relentless pursuit of design excellence that is both user-friendly and environmentally conscious.

How has the demand for sustainability influenced the industry, and how is t4h. responding to this demand?

Graça Candido: Sustainability in the pay TV world is not just a conceptual abstract idea – it’s a demand from end users to see the industry change. While operators are taking steps towards sustainable streaming, what users truly want is sustainability they can perceive and with which they can interact. This is precisely where the t4h. remote controls take over. We’ve been at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of sustainable innovations and revolutionising the future of remote controls in living rooms worldwide.

Our ability to anticipate this shift towards sustainability years in advance provided us an exceptional opportunity. We seized this moment to develop exciting and sustainable innovations, effectively serving as a bridge between end-users and the services provided by pay TV operators. Our vision for the t4h. remote controls transcends mere devices; they represent a harmonious fusion of sustainable practices and an unparalleled user experience.

Could you elaborate on the sustainable solutions that t4h. offers to pay TV operators, and how these solutions align with the operators’ goals?

Graça Candido: Pay TV operators bear the responsibility for delivering smooth and stable TV services, as well as engaging content. On the other hand, t4h. takes on the vital role of bridging the connection between pay TV operators and end users. We create the ultimate user experience and put control directly into the hands of end users by providing innovative, sustainable remote-control solutions.

The remote control is the one physical tool that end users have in their hands, and it represents the primary opportunity for pay TV operators to elevate the user experience. This is where t4h. truly excels as a partner for pay TV operators. Our approach encompasses various facets of sustainability, from using recycled and bio-based plastics to ensuring low-power consumption, harnessing solar power, employing energy-harvesting techniques, and implementing e-paper technology for unparalleled customisation. Additionally, we integrate AI-powered Smart Voice capabilities to take the user experience to the next level.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our remote controls are fully compatible with various platforms and systems, including RDK, Android TV, Linux, and native systems. This comprehensive compatibility approach ensures that our remote controls provide a complete package for pay TV operators, meeting their requirements across all platforms.

From recycled plastics and bio-based materials through solar power and e-paper – t4h. has been implementing the latest sustainable technologies. What opportunities do these technologies unlock for t4h.?

Graça Candido: Implementing sustainable technologies such as recycled plastics, bio-based materials, solar power, and e-paper allows us to stand at the forefront of sustainable innovations in the remote control industry. These technologies enable us to significantly reduce our products’ environmental impact, aligning with our commitment to sustainability. Utilising eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient solutions ensures that our products reflect users’ values while providing an exceptional user experience.

By being environmentally responsible, we contribute to a cleaner planet and set a positive example for the industry. These innovations also lead to cost savings for pay TV customers, as they extend the life of our remote controls and reduce the need for frequent replacements. Ultimately, these sustainable technologies for our remote controls position t4h as a leader in the industry, attracting eco-conscious customers and partners who share our commitment to a better and more sustainable future.

What are the key benefits of user recognition in remote controls, like the AI-powered Smart Voice technology in the t4h. remote controls, and how does it contribute to personalized entertainment experiences?

Graça Candido: Through AI-powered Smart Voice technology, user recognition revolutionises the remote control experience and enhances user convenience and usability. With voice recognition, users can effortlessly control their devices, search for content, and access various functions with simple voice commands. This ease of use significantly improves the overall user experience.

Smart Voice technology contributes to personalised entertainment experiences. It allows remote controls to understand and respond to user preferences and habits. Tailored content recommendations and user-specific control options create a more engaging and satisfying entertainment environment. Users feel like their devices understand and cater to their needs, deepening their connection with the content and services offered by pay TV operators.

Smart Voice technology reimagines the conventional remote control, elevating it to the status of a personalized and intelligent companion. In doing so, it revolutionises how users engage with their home entertainment devices, redefining the very nature of their interaction.

Could you share some insights into the design philosophy and principles that have earned t4h. prestigious awards like the Red Dot Design Award?

Graça Candido: Our design philosophy is creating remote controls that blend form and function seamlessly. We view each remote control as an opportunity to exemplify these design principles. This approach takes a more personal and “human” angle towards technology, where we aim to design remote controls that become an integral part of your home, reflecting your values and preferences.

Our dedication to sustainability is a core principle of our design philosophy. Great design should be user- and environmentally-friendly. Our remote controls embody unique designs, user-friendly interfaces, and elegant aesthetics. But what truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to real action and significant change. We are constantly improving and adopting new sustainable practices to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

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