NEM Dubrovnik: 4 Days of Great Networking and Conversations

Finally, after many months of constant virtual meetings and conferences, t4h. had the opportunity to attend the New Europe Market 2021 held in Dubrovnik, Croatia from 6th to 9th September 2021.

t4h. was a part of the conference as a participant and exhibitor. The 4 days in Dubrovnik were filled with a variety of insightful panels and talks which targeted several challenges present in the Media and Telecom industry and how different companies are consistently resolving them. Along with this, t4h. showcased its diverse product line at the conference. The showcase included the award-winning NOTUS and several other innovative RCUs integrated for several custom operator platforms.

Our Commercial Director, Graça Cândido, and CEO Miguel Oliveira actively participated in the sessions and the product showcase for the duration of the conference.

“To meet and talk with some of the key media and telco industry leaders and share our mutual expertise was truly an experience in itself. Not only did we find a common space to share our industry expertise but also discuss the future of the industry and how can we prepare for it. We want to thank NEM for having us aboard!”

CEO, Miguel Oliveira

“Being at NEM truly was an enriching experience. We found a great networking atmosphere that was exceedingly conducive to meeting industry leaders. We are looking forward to the next year.”

– Commercial Director, Graça Cândido

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