t4h. Empowering PayTV Operators to Embrace Sustainability with Latest Award-Winning Remote Controls

● t4h. won seventh consecutive Red Dot Design Award, this year for the AVE and KASAI remote controls
● The winners of the IF Design Award are the KASAI and DRAVA remote controls
● High-end design, High-tech innovations with 100% recyclable or bio-based materials, and innovative solar & energy harvesting
● The t4h. Symbiosis Programme – t4h. is turning their sustainable agenda into actions, meeting the demands of the end-users and bringing eco-friendly innovations in their living rooms

S. João da Madeira, 30.May 2023t4h. (Tech4home), a leading provider of remote controls for the home entertainment industry has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for the seventh year in a row. This year’s winners, the KASAI and the AVE, were recognized for their sustainability approach, sleek aesthetics, and innovative functionalities.

In addition to the Red Dot, t4h. brought home two more awards – the IF Design Award was given to the DRAVA and KASAI remote controls.

t4h. is committed to developing the sustainable remote controls and smart home devices of the future and Kasai and Ave remote control, on the forefront of the t4h. Symbiosis Programme, represents the balance between sustainability and innovation, showcasing that design and user experience are not an afterthought but rather a focal point in the t4h. remotes.

The AVE, KASAI and DRAVA remote controls from t4h. are more than just functional devices – they are beautifully designed and thoughtfully engineered products that showcase the potential of sustainable technology. The recognition of the Red Dot Design Award for seven consecutive years is a testament to our dedication and commitment to sustainable design and innovation.

Graça Candido, Co-Founder & Commercial Director, t4h.


Driven by a mission to redefine sustainability and design, the winning AVE family of remote controls unifies the four devices through a common design language. Notably, all remotes in the series are crafted using bio-based plastics, emphasizing the t4h. commitment to eco-friendliness and environmental responsibility.

Among the series, the CONTEXTUAL AVE stands out with its intelligent backlight system, dynamically displaying buttons tailored to the specific usage context. The ECO AVE and COMPACT AVE prioritize sustainability by eliminating the use of rubber, inks, and coatings, harmful for the environment. Taking the sustainable innovations one step further is the SOLAR AVE, incorporating Exeger‘s Powerfoyle solar cell, harnessing renewable energy sources for enhanced eco-friendliness.

Through downsizing the devices, incorporating energy harvesting technologies & low-power consumption chipsets, while utilizing the bio-based materials the AVE remote controls are being on the forefront of the t4h. Symbiosis Programme.

“The elegant appearance of the remote controls, with their matt shimmering, finely textured bioplastics, anchors the series in the premium segment,” said the Red Dot jury. “The sustainable approach to manufacturing is also impressive.”

We are excited to partner with t4h. (Tech4home) and very proud of the Red Dot Award. It’s a testament to Powerfoyle’s unique design and performance capabilities. Powerfoyle provides consumers with the ultimate convenience by eliminating the need to charge, thanks to clean, endless energy. Making the sustainable choice is easier than ever.

Dr Georgios Foufas, Chief Commercial Officer, Exeger


The KASAI remote control is another innovative addition to the t4h. symbiosis Programme, showcasing the possibility of miniaturization without sacrificing functionality.

It’s not only sleek and innovative with the multitude of features on the six faces of the device, but it also has a strong focus on sustainability. By using 100% Recycled plastic and a rechargeable battery, this device reduces its impact on the environment and promotes longevity. The device’s compact size allows for more flexibility and less material usage. The KASAI remote control is a prime example of how technology and sustainability can go hand in hand.

“Thanks to the well-thought-out arrangement of the functional elements, the KASAI remote control is particularly user-friendly,” said the Red Dot jury. “The understated design combines with elegant matte surfaces to create an aesthetically pleasing product.”

At t4h., we believe that sustainability is not just a buzzword but a responsibility that we have towards our planet and future generations. The Kasai and Ave remotes are a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable remote control design and innovation, and we will continue to strive towards a more sustainable future through our products and practices.

Miguel Oliveira, CEO, t4h.


The DRAVA remote control is a cutting-edge device that combines advanced technologies such as infrared and Bluetooth communication, voice search capabilities, and a contextual OLED screen. However, what sets it apart is its clear focus on sustainability. The device is designed to have the longest lifespan possible, with a rational and timeless shape, enduring and robust materials, and innovative solutions like the contextual OLED screen that allows endless customization and upgradability options.

The DRAVA uses recycled and recyclable aluminum and plastic, making it an eco-friendly choice. The DRAVA remote control offers a premium and sustainable solution for TV Operators looking to differentiate themselves while making a positive impact on the environment.

t4h. has once again taken the spotlight in sustainable design with their award-winning remote controls. The AVE, KASAI, and DRAVA remotes exemplify the perfect blend of high-end design and high-tech innovation, featuring bio-based materials, solar and energy harvesting capabilities, and 100% recycled plastics. These remotes not only showcase t4h.’s commitment to sustainability but also prioritize user experience and aesthetics. With their consecutive Red Dot Design Awards and IF Design Award, t4h. continues to lead the way in eco-friendly innovations for the home entertainment industry. Through their Symbiosis Programme, t4h. is actively turning their sustainable agenda into action, meeting the demands of end-users and bringing eco-friendly innovations to living rooms. With a focus on sustainability, functionality, and elegant design, t4h. is driving the future of remote control technology while contributing positively to the environment.

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