t4h. bags German Design Award 2021 for the innovative NOTUS Custom Covers and the CASTER Remote Control

t4h. wins German Design Award

S. João da Madeira, 17. December 2020: t4h. (Tech4home), a leading name in innovative and design-centered remote control solutions, announces that it has been awarded with the German Design Award 2021 for its NOTUS and CASTER remote controls.

We are delighted to be lauded with this prestigious award. These awards never cease to encourage us to make more user-centric solutions that set new standards for product designs and integrated technologies within the RCUs, unlocking significant revenue channels for IPTV, cable, satellite and pay-TV operators.

The esteemed award is presented by the German Design Council which was founded in 1953. These design experts are globally eminent for recognizing superior design quality with excellent functionality. The award praises product designers around the globe that design innovative and user-centric products.

“Uncomplicated, convenient and yet striking in an understated manner, the product impresses with its intel­ligent design. The shrewd use of components and materials combines with gentle contours, resulting in an efficient remote control with exceptional functionality.”


“The remarkable, chamele­onic remote­ control system features pleasing, modern functionality and efficiency, as well as personalization options to suit a broad spectrum of needs and tastes in a wide vari­ety of materials and haptic elements.”


The NOTUS Custom covers, loved by the end customers as well as TV operators across the world, is a design marvel in their own right. With these covers, we have come up with the t4h. smart swap system – a patented and fully customizable remote control cover swap-system that provides a personalized experience to the end customers. To provide a tailored experience for the users, the NOTUS Customer Cover comes with various options in terms of custom covers that range from soft fabrics to premium metals and even market-oriented plastic. By maximizing the ergonomic quotient, we ensure that the operators are able to impress their customers with super-customized RCUs.

“Our efforts, here at t4h., are always centered towards bleeding-edge innovation, hence allowing operators to provide their customers with state-of-the-art innovative products for their living rooms. When our work is recognized by esteemed organizations like the German Design Award, it motivates us to provide our valued IPTV and pay-TV operators with stylish, functional, and innovation-packed designs.”

Miguel Oliveira, Managing Director, t4h. (Tech4home)

The CASTER remote control is another design marvel that won us the German Design Award. It has also been lauded with many design awards like the Red Dot Design award over the years. It has been designed by industry experts to meet user’s needs and demands. It provides a wide range of features and an ergonomic design that contribute to its excellent design.

The CASTER remote control was originally designed for Telefonica. The most admired feature of the CASTER is the centrally arranged D-pad area that ensures easy navigation and a simple user interface. It offers a good grip and secure handling to the end-user with the soft rubber-coating on the backside.

We, at t4h. (Tech4home), believe in striking the perfect balance between attractive and intuitive design and unbeatable functionality. We leverage technology to provide our customers with innovative solutions that meet the end-customers needs and demands. These accolades keep driving us to create unique remote control solutions for our customers that establish new design standards and drive innovation.

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