t4h. to discuss the future of remote control UX in the Android TV ecosystem with Google and 3SS in the upcoming IBC Webinar

t4h. to join Google and 3SS in the next IBC Webinar to discuss the future of Android TV RCUs.

We are delighted to announce that t4h. (Tech4home) will be a part of the upcoming IBC webinar on Thursday 15 April at 14:00 BST to talk about UX for next-generation remote controls and their role in the Android TV ecosystem. t4h. is the leading Android TV RCU manufacturer for IPTV, Cable TV, satellite TV, and Pay TV providers worldwide with industry-leading and award-winning remote designs. Being one of the industry-leaders with over 30 successfully supported Android TV operator tier projects, we are excited to share our expertise and showcase our product line. 

We look forward to contributing to the webinar with our experience in developing next-generation remote controls with user-centric designs. The webinar with other leaders of the industry like Google and 3SS will go a long way in shaping the future of Android TV remote controls and fostering customer-centric innovation in the industry. 

Graça Cândido, the co-founder of t4h., will be representing t4h. at the IBC webinar. She has extensive knowledge of the pay-tv and telco operator industry which helps her innovate and deliver cutting-edge Android TV RCUs. She will join Pierre Donath (Chief Product Officer, 3SS) and Gaëtan Delcroix (Lead Solutions Manager, Google) to discuss various aspects of user experience for Android TV remote controls.

The upcoming IBC webinar will be brimmed with discussions on the customer journeys delivered by futuristic remote controls braced with modern designs for Android TV operator projects. More particularly, the user experience of RCUs for Android TV operator projects will be the centerpiece of the discussions in the webinar. The key speakers are Graça Cândido, Pierre Donath, and Gaëtan Delcroix.

In the webinar, the panel will be answering these essential questions about the possibilities that lie ahead for remote control UX in the Android TV ecosystem:

  • What are Google’s guidelines for Android TV remote controls? 
  • How do operators benefit from standardization? 
  • What are the possibilities for operators to customize the remote control? 
  • How can the synergies of remote control design and UI create a superior UX? 
  • What functions and buttons are needed for highly satisfying user journeys? 

“I am very excited to attend the webinar and discuss the future of remote control UX within Android TV ecosystem with fellow leaders of the industry. I believe that opening a dialogue about user experience for the Android TV ecosystem fosters customer-centric innovation and helps the whole industry grow.”

Graça Cândido, Co-Founder, t4h. (Tech4home)

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