Voice Search At A Whole New Level – One Keyword Away

Our intelligent smart voice solutions use artificial intelligence to keep energy consumption low and allow you to interact with the device using a customized keyword. In addition, smart voice assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa can be easily integrated. Alternatively, you can also press the microphone button on the remote control to activate voice control.

By the way: Did you know that smart voice remotes beat smart speakers in terms of pricing and consumer acceptance? Making them an even smarter solution …

Voice activated

Talk to your remote like you talk to other voice assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa. 

Extremely energy efficient

Artificial intelligence is in the heart of our remote – which significantly reduces energy consumption.

AI enabled for better results

AI does not only make our smart voice remotes energy efficient but also helps with better keyword detection.

Optimized Privacy

All the relevant technology sits inside the remote. No need for cloud computing. And you can also switch on and off the hands-free mode from the set-top box.

Choose your own keyword

Personalise the experience for your customer: use your own keyword to match your brand or product.

Digital Noise Cancellation

Our AI chip is trained to recognize the keyword even in noisy environments.

“The TV Remote market is rapidly changing. At Tech4home, we aim to be ahead of the game through constant innovation. With our Smart Voice Remotes, we bring TV Remotes to yet another level.”

Miguel Oliveira
CEO, Tech4home