t4h. (Tech4home) is now a Corporate Member at SCTE Europe

We are thrilled to announce that t4h. is now a corporate member of SCTE Europe. Being an industry leader when it comes to innovative RCU solutions, we are excited to be associated with this learned society.

Being the industry-best in designing remote control solutions for worldwide IPTV, cable, and satellite pay-TV operators, t4h. is always looking to push the limits. 

Customer-centric design is at the core of our mission to help TV operators impress their end-customers. We achieve this by making the RCU solutions fully seamless and keeping the user-experience as engaging as possible. 

To back our design thinking, we go the extra mile and tap into bleeding-edge technologies that help us to stand out in the industry. With the constantly evolving customers in the digital era, having a use-case agnostic approach is vital for t4h. 

To do this, we believe we should be working with like-minded individuals and organizations that contribute to taking our industry forward. 

t4h. (Tech4home) has joined SCTE – The Society of Broadband Professionals

The SCTE, a learned society, is known for its commitment to raising the industry standards for broadband engineering. It is a non-profit organization that directs the cable telecommunication industry towards innovation globally.

The SCTE provides a forum for the exchange of information and experience through publications and lectures. It also ensures networking within society through various social events

As a coveted society, the SCTE serves as a forum to exchange information and share knowledge among the industry professionals. To enable this, SCTE is always working hard to organize events, release insightful reports and whitepapers, and many other collaborative activities. These programs by SCTE are a great platform to discuss the latest technologies and issues affecting the industry.

Innovation has always been at the center, here at t4h. – we always strive to make an impact in the industry. With this corporate membership, we look forward to a great engagement with the SCTE.

Miguel Oliveira, Managing Director of t4h. (Tech4Home)

Now that t4h. is a corporate member of SCTE, it will help to make an even bigger impact in the RCU industry. This membership will result in a greater and swift innovation. T4h. will be involved in updates of the latest technology, collective challenges, and industry standards now more than ever.

This will improve the RCU industry as a whole. This is because t4h. is the leading name of innovation in the industry. The impacts of this event will be reflected in the features and affordability of the forthcoming RCUs.

Notable Pointers about SCTE that t4h. (Tech4home) finds very important.

SCTE is known to have a great impact on the broadband industry. From industry journals and events to training and certifications, SCTE works with the industry-leaders like t4h. to drive innovation in the industry. 

Events and Conferences by SCTE spread across various nations and regions. SCTE is constantly organizing events for the industry professionals to network and collaborate. Some of the most active countries in the organization are the UK, Benelux, and the Balkans. By attending these events and conferences, Tech4Home will be meeting like-minded industry professionals and explore positive synergies. 

The possibilities are endless. At t4h., we are looking forward to having great participation with a fine organization like SCTE. T4h. hopes to make a great impact by working closely with SCTE and add value to this coveted society. 

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